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About Us

Jonathan Cate has been designing and making eyeglasses since 1996.  Since then Jonathan Cate Inc. has grown much to become what it is today; and is still growing just as the great redwoods of northern California do.  Jonathan Cate Inc. now has a vast array of eyeglasses spanning multiple collections, and within the optical community is regarded for having high quality fashionable pieces at a pleasing price.  In addition to eyeglasses, naturally, Jonathan Cate Inc. also offers a wonderful collection of Sunglasses.  Jonathan Cate Inc. also now has a beautiful selection of 92.5% sterling silver jewelry fitted with beautiful gemstones.  As the Jonathan Cate brand has grown Jonathan Cate Inc. developed a lovely fragrance for women.  The fragrance is made in Italy and is Eau de Parfume concentration.  Future plans for Jonathan Cate Inc. are to segue into the apparel business.  Everything that Jonathan Cate Inc. makes Jonathan Cate personally takes pride in. Jonathan Cate quotes “We want our products to speak for themselves and for our customers to have the utmost satisfaction.”  We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do!