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  • $410.00

Size: 61-14-140

luce perfetta™ sunglasses are part of the Luxe collection and offer a very special lens from Zeiss.

  • Zeiss’ new LightPro Technology® combines the best of both worlds with a lens that has partial polarization.
  • ZEISS LightPro Technology® lenses eliminate blinding glare, while maintaining important reflections.
  • Contrast and depth perception are excellent.
  • LightPro Technology® also allows for good readability of digital screens such as navigation systems, smartphone screens and smartwatches.
  • Offers the right balance of light transmittance: they don’t feel too dark or too light.
    Moving from a place in the shade to one that is fully exposed to sunlight does not cause any discomfort to your eyes. You hardly experience any change in your vision.
  • Lenses are made of lightweight polyamide that guarantees a sharp vision with superior optics.